Spiral of Life Final Test



Spiral of Life. 2017

Polyester resin, fiberglass, light and sound.

2.25 H x 1.50 L x 1.50 D metros.

London, United Kingdom.


Stations of Water is an exhibition of contemporary art presented by St. Paul’s Cathedral in conjunction with justwater2017.org

Michelangelo Arteaga participates in this exhibition presenting: 

Spiral of Life


What is the essence of the human being?

Are we just water? …


The sculpture represents a seashell in the form of Nautilus, with the curve of the Fibonacci spiral.

The outer appearance is a solid body; however the interior moves us to the marine bottom, with the light filtering through the water.

In the dark, a subtle ultraviolet light illuminates certain sensitive particles that infuse the piece and produce the effect of a starry sky.

A loudspeaker, connected to the interior surface of the sculpture, reproduces the heartbeat, causing the whole piece to vibrate and recalls the pulse of an embryo.