Spiral of Life Final Test

  Spiral of Life. 2017 Polyester resin, fiberglass, light and sound. 2.25 H x 1.50 L x 1.50 D metros. London, United ...

Making of Spiral of Life

Making of Spiral of

Making of Embrace NSP 2016

National Sculpture Prize

Making of Lovers as Places

  Making of Lovers as Places.

Making of The feet

                            Making of The ...

Making of Stone Carving

Making of Stone Carving.

Chelsea Final Show Exhibition

Radio Interview COPE. September. ...

Cons Project London

Cons Project London 22-05-14 to 31-07-14. Copeland Gallery. London [ngg_images gallery_ids="130" ...

St Saviour’s Church Exhibition

St Saviours Church Exhibition 3 July 2014. St Saviour's Church. Pimlico. London. UK   [ngg_images gallery_ids="129" ...

Making of Chocolate Box

Making of Chocolate