Precarious Balance

Tate Modern. 2022


· 16th March – 23rd March 2022 ·

Tate Modern. London. 

Description of Work & Relation to the theme of ‘Love and Loss’ 

It is a miniature of Precarious Balance, a sculpture designed for Public Space.

It comprises a folded copper sheet, trying to maintain its balance, and a salt rock on top. At the bottom, it has some oxidation.

This sculpture reflects the precarious balance of love and loss in our times. When we lose control of the factors that impact our daily lives, we risk losing the life we love and falling into uncertainty and chaos.

We have heard much in recent years about institutions that were, or are, too big to fail. Mounting economic vulnerability and increasing prices have threatened our quality of life. In an era of increasing climatic instability, given this precarious balance of wet and dry conditions, even a slight shift in the distribution of annual precipitation can have severe consequences.

Emerging pathogens such as the Covid-19 pandemic severely impacted and restricted the lifestyle we took for granted. Uncertainty is a torturous emotion. We have felt as though we have been walking on a tightrope with the pandemic.

As Joseph Addison said, ´This little happiness is so very precarious; that it wholly depends on the will of others.´

Hope is a latent disappointment.